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Enjoying the journey unfold as God leads. Currently living in Stockholm enjoying rubbing shoulders with the nations. Learning more about God's heart and compassion.

Oh give thanks to the LORD

Call upon his name; make known his deeds among the peoples! Sing to him, sing praises to him; tell of all his wondrous works! Glory in his holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice! Seek the LORD and his strength; seek his presence continually! (1 Chronicles 16.8-11)

This prayer has been a theme this past summer and transitioning into fall. David had brought the ark back to Jerusalem and there was this renewal of thanks and praise to who God has continued to be for them. It is is the same with us today. There are many storms still brewing that are affecting lives, yet God remains faithful and his love is steadfast. I encourage you to read the whole prayer in 1 Chronicles that your spirit would be encouraged and strengthened in who God is to you!

Feras, Yasamin and their children have become dear friends. We get to see each other weekly. Pray for strength as they raise these three beautiful children as well as pursue eduction to fulfill Swedish requirements for their careers.
The first week of August, I had the opportunity for a 5-day backpacking trip in the middle of a national forest for a silent retreat. The days were spent hiking to new locations while getting to pray and process with Jesus. The afternoons and evenings I enjoyed reading, journaling and just sitting in silence. Very thankful for the nature I got to explore as I got to hike about 18 miles!
Our good friend Sajid has finally gotten his wife and daughter to Sweden. After a two year process, they arrived a week ago. We are super excited to get to know Asifa and their daughter. Pray for the crazy transition they are in learning a new culture, language and living without being surrounded by family.

The Lord has blessed us with incredible community of people from many nations. We are thankful for their friendship, food and time. Yet we pray that they would get to experience the fullness of God’s love for them and their families. Please continue to pray with me for this neighborhood to encourage the Living Hope!

It has been a few years now since I have had the opportunity to fellowship with you face to face. Although COVID may hinder some things, I am moving forward to be state side January through March of 2021! These next few weeks I will be working out a schedule to get to visit churches and you! If you know of any churches that would like to hear about the ministry work here, please get us in touch!

Praying for you. May the Lord bless you and encourage your heart this morning with the reality that He is a firm foundation regardless of the story you may find yourself in. Thankful to have your running with me in this journey!

A different kind of summer

With my mother’s trip canceled and teams unable to join us, God has opened up news way to use our time these coming weeks. With the launch of summer this weekend, most schedules follow a different rhythm which has offered new bridges and opportunities.

The immediate building complex I live in is made up of about 130 condos payed out in two story buildings. My courtyard connects 16 of these homes representing at least 8 different countries. I believe God is helping me cultivate His presence here. Please join me in praying for favor and deepening of relationships.

My upstairs neighbors, Linus (Swedish) and Helen (Scottish) will marry next month in a very simple service at the state house. They come weekly to our conversation group on Monday nights and we often hang out at random moments through the month. This past Friday, we were invited to celebrate Midsummer with them and Linus’ family. Linus suffers from migraines and other hurdles he has yet to share the details.

A Pakistan couple in their 80s lives next to them. Mohammad and Anis moves here in the 70s for work. Anis came very close to death this past February, but has regained strength and taking it day by day. One of their sons, who recently separated from his wife, has moved home to live. Mohammad gets out almost daily with his walker to fetch groceries and is always ready for a chat.

A couple from Thessaloniki, Greece moved here 30 years ago to raise their family. Children and grandchildren live close while they care for their father who is suffering from Alzheimers. The wife is learning new things this summer such as grilling for the family on weekends.

The orthodox Syrian neighbor across from will every now and then stand in the court years and call my name until I answer. She is very persistent. This passed week, her need was to request I tutor her nephew who needs to strengthen his English this summer.

My other Syrian neighbor, Nellie, just had her fourth child…a baby girl. Nellie has a dream to move her family to California as it seems like everything would be better if they were there.

Please join me in praying that I would present to my neighbors these weeks. That rather than I just be known as the person who is always having people over, that I would also be known as someone who cares for them. Pray that I would notice and be proactive to care. Pray that I would bold in conversation and not feel insecure about my Swedish. Pray that God would lead me to a family of peace that is already desiring to know who God is. Everyone here has brokenness in their lives and a need for hope.

Grilling out in the park with friends.
A walk to the park between lunch and fika celebrating Midsummer with my Linus’ family.
My campsite for a three day silent retreat with Jesus when school ended.
Getting to celebrate Johanna from senior high school. The Hultmar family has been part of my life since the beginning of the Sweden partnership. It was 2008 when Richard Hultmar and my pastor in the states decided we could work together. Richard and Therese have been incredible support to me since my first trip to Luleå in 2009, and now we work together still in Stockholm. Johanna meet regularly to talk about the Bible and life. Excited to see her next chapter at the university in Uppsala.

Daily life

Thank you so much for praying with me this past month. Many of you also sent me some names so that I could join you in praying in how God could use us to bless those around us! Feel free to send any updates or more requests! Here are some updates from this side!

Monday nights are used for language practice, homework help, computer training and simply community building. Sajid and a couple of his friends recently taught us how to play cricket! Please pray for Sajid as he looks for a place to live so that his wife and daughter can move here from Pakistan.
Marziyeh, Aziyeh and Roqiyeh are three Afghani sisters that have become dear friends. They recently made this dessert with the Swedish word for friendship for us! Thankful for them! Please pray for their needs to be met, both the physical such as jobs and studies to go well, but also spiritual.
Feras, Yasamin and three children were over recently for a cook out. We are getting to spend time with them two to three times a month. Feras has expressed interest in learning what the Bible has to say. Please pray that we would get to start this month! Side note, Feras is a trainer for kickboxing and Yasamin is a black belt in Taekwondo…so we may also get some personal training in this summer!
I am super sad that our training with the Italien team has come to an end. It has been a great gift to meet with them biweekly these months and see them grow in confidence and competence in discipleship. They have started their own training locally giving away what they got! There have been 4 new groups that have started and a handful of people that have decided to follow Jesus. Super blessed to have gotten to know them and will look forward to a visit when we are allowed to travel!
Tuesday nights is ladies night! Specifically designed to be a safe community for women of all backgrounds to come and encounter Jesus so that we can grow as his daughters. It is a blessing to fellowship with these ladies from the neighborhood. Please pray that our other friends would have curious hearts to come and fellowship with us!
This year I have decided to learn about dough and bake bread almost weekly now. It ends up being a great gift to neighbors and makes home smell welcoming. I am also reminded that it only takes a little yeast to effect a whole batch. May the small steps we take today impact our entire neighborhoods for Jesus’s glory!
This ministry is only made possible because of your generosity! With the increase in the work, I am looking to decrease the teaching job to 50% this August. It would mean an additional $300 a month to make sure all the bills are paid. Would you pray for God to raise up monthly supporters?
Thank you!!!

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