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Enjoying the different seasons of life with incredible people along the way. I love grabbing coffee and getting to connect and share life. Adventure, culture, reading, watching movies, chilling at home, kayaking down a river or making a trip to the zoo are all activities that energize me. I just really enjoy living.

Where to begin

Getting to share all that is happening is beyond overdue. Thankful for your prayers and support as it the most crucial need.

I moved five months ago. We have been able to host 10 different sets of people coming from different parts of the world to Stockholm for different reasons. Thankful in the space the Lord has provided and the opportunity to pretend that I get to run a bed and breakfast!

These past few months have been full of excitement, trial & error activities, and continual seeking the Lord’s face on the smallest of details.  We have three teams that have come alongside us to help push us forward.  Thankful for the workers God sends to encourage, help and engage the community.

file-2017-11-09-21-11-18.jpegPart of our vision is to provide an on the ground training of cross-cultural work and equipping in starting church.  Angel is our 2nd go around in learning how to:

  • provide a vision trip for someone to seek how God is leading them forward
  • include a new person on the team to get a first hand look at team development, strategy planning, and implementing our ideas to move the objectives forward
  • formulate a job description that would potentially mimic what he/she would do when they made the move to a long-term team
  • provide cross-cultural training in a muslim neighborhood

Please continue to pray!

  • Monday nights we have gotten to hang out with people from Morocco, Pakistan, Somalia and Iran…but all at different times.  Asking the Lord how to form a group studying the Scriptures and not just individuals.
  • B, a 16-year-old refugee boy, to get to start school. Paperwork is a slow process. We get to teach him Swedish when he hangs out here and use google translate to fill in the gaps. Pray his heart would open to Jesus.
  • Team formation. We are a group of four learning each other and how to work together.
  • Opportunities at the teaching job. Thankful for a work and the opportunity to connect with many people. We will host a Thanksgiving dinner with the hope to take relationships deeper.
  • H & L our upstairs neighbors have been over for dinner and will come to Thanksgiving.
  • Chelsea and Aidan are new workers that moved here 2 weeks ago. They will work with Korskyrkan (our national leaders) while learning language and finding their footing.

Well this is long enough!  I won’t wait so long next time! Blessings!  Thankful you make this possible!


“This is more powerful…”

After reading the birth of Jesus from Luke for the first time, a young muslim man confessed that this was a more powerful history than any other history book he has read from Islam.  B has made the decision to leave Islam and takes steps to discover who this Jesus is and what does it mean to follow Him.  Please pray for B as it is a decision that would separate him from his family and people.


Two weeks ago, the Iowa team arrived entering Europe for their first time. Dante, Lindsey and Leah have been laboring well, soaking it all in, and eager to meet new people. As we cultivate God’s presence in this neighborhood, we are engaging people in a worldview survey to learn more about their perspective and values. We are looking for prepared hearts to hear the gospel. We have talked with people from AFGHANISTAN, IRAQ, MOROCCO, SYRIA, SOUTH KOREA, UGANDA, CONGO, SOMALIA and more.  All of them have already had chances to share their story and God’s story of hope.  Please pray for them: Dante as he returned to the states today; and Lindsey and Leah will stay through August 4th.

Photo on 28-06-17 at 08.25The Lord has provided an amazing place to make home. Please join me in praising Him for His provision. This is where the new plant has begun. The teaching job has paused for the next 6 weeks. I am thankful to engage the ministry full time and take more steps in seeing Him establish His bride in this neighborhood.

Please pray for :

  • New people with open hearts to come to church and meet Jesus
  • Communication with local churches that we would support one another and labor in unity for the Kingdom expansion in this area
  • For B’s safety as he takes steps to follow Jesus
  • For Lindsey and Leah as they labor here
  • Riverbend will send a team July 28th-August 7th
  • I will take vacation mid-July

Thank you for laboring with me in prayer and support. This work exists because of your generosity and encouragement!

Never a dull moment!

IMG_3853These past weeks have been full of excitement as the vision moves forward step by step. Isaac, Lynne, and Devin spent about 10 days here prayer walking and engaging people.  As we are still in a phase zero, it is an incredible gift to have people come and labor in prayer as we cultivate God’s presence in this neighborhood.  The more people we have out and about, the  more people we get to meet.

256px-korskyrkan2c_stockholmCHURCH PLANT BEGINS.  We continue to partner with Richard Hultmar and the EFK denomination of Sweden. Thankful to have incredible national partners to learn from and work together for a city reaching church planting vision. Last Sunday, the church elders sent Caroline Hultmar and myself officially launching our church plant in Tensta.

Team is still in formation. Praying that another local church sends out Kirsi and Besam to join us full time in the work this summer.  Thankful for a multi-cultural team forming.  This past month in our different gatherings,  we have had a Somalian man seeking Jesus, a Bengali man who just moved here, an orthodox woman and daughter from Syria, and conversations with a Kurdish teenager.  Looking forward to seeing how God can use this work to reach the nations!

HOUSING UPDATE.  It has been an incredible blessing to have lived with Angelique this past year. I have gotten to learn about the Burundi people and of course their food! As the work moves forward, there has been the prayer for God to open a new place to rent so that Caroline and I would get to live together and create space for a new church and ministry.  The Lord has answered beyond measure!  On May 31st, I will sign papers closing on an apartment. Yes, you read correctly, that I will actually get to own.  This 4 bedroom apartment has incredible space for teams, interns and community building. I am blessed beyond measure in how God moved many mountains to make it happen.  If you want the full story, just call as it is amazing.  It also means there is room for you to come and visit and stay with us!!!  Join us in prayer walking and engaging the nations for Christ’s glory!

COMING UP…Besides moving in two weeks, I am wrapping up the teaching job. Excited to have gotten through a first year teaching of lesson plans, learning the Swedish system as well as grading papers.  Certainly looking forward to a summer of full time ministry! I have a few interns that will be with us from June 11th-August 4th and then a team from Riverbend coming at the beginning of August.  I am very excited for the workers God is providing to help us labor.

Thank you for your constant support and prayers in making this work possible!  May God bless you and your families!

March madness

IMG_3797Over the past month, we got to have about a dozen people come through Stockholm. The team from Kent, Ohio were here (to the left) are all looking for God to open a way for them the move to Stockholm. Working with our national partners, we are desiring to see 10 new church plants formed around Stockholm. It is exciting to see how we get to part of it!  Please join us in praying for work visas that would provide them legal status to move here.

Mateo, who was here last year, came back with some other guys to explore what is happening among the unreached. They got to participate with local workers engaging different cultures and exploring the possibilities of what it would be like to work here.

I also got a visit from some Riverbenders. In 2008, the elders had agreed to a partnership with Richard Hultmar and the Evangelical Free Church here in Sweden. It is exciting that the friendships have deepened and we continue to work together to see all nations, all peoples have the opportunity to know the love God has for them.

In light of recent of events, we appreciate your prayers from our recent attack and threat. Thankful it was contained quickly and suspects have been caught. Praying for hearts to turn toward the need of a Living Hope that is only found in Jesus.


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