Logistics coming along well!

Today I found out my personal number when I went to register for swedish classes.  Based on the little swedish I have learned through computer programs, I will take an assessment next Thursday to see if I can place out of the introductory class! This is very exciting! I have so much to learn and it feels great to get started!  Other logistics that I can take care of now is setting up a bank account, putting the phone in my name and signing up for internet!  Basics that have been covered by the minimum and it will be nice to learn how to take care of these details myself. Everyone continues to be extremely helpful and I am so thankful for so many resources that are a just a call away!

Praise God for other provisions – a family provided me with a desk! another friend lent me a printer she is not currently using! A family was able to get me a four-month bus card! What incredible provision!  I am so thankful for how God has used the community of believers here in Luleå to help me settle in and get started!

Settling In

Here is a snapshot of downtown Luleå. I live about two blocks from the church steeple. The downtown area is in the shape of a boot surrounded by water. Every direction you walk in opens up paths to enjoy walks in the park by water. It is a really beautiful city. The people here love being active and take full advantage of long summer days!  I have been very blessed by the churches that have provided furniture, a four month bus card, a bike and very warm greetings. Praise God for the details He takes care of!

I have registered for my personal number, similar to a social security number, which will enable me to sign up for Swedish classes, a bank account, etc. I hope to start SFI, Swedish for Immigrants, by the end of this month. It will be a great way to learn the language, the culture and meet other immigrants who may be far from God! In the meantime, I am working on swedish with computer programs and appreciating those that will only now talk to me in Swedish!

During the week, I have gotten to see three fellowship groups start meeting with others to live life and learn more about Jesus and what it means to have a growing relationship with Him. I am meeting with a range of people from college students to internationals.

I am also working on the remaining details for a 10 day camp at the end of the is month directed towards college students and young professionals. LINC, Laborers Impacting the Nations for Christ, will have a theme this year of “Come, Follow Me” deepening our personal relationships and being further equipped as disciples. Church is the outflow of our personal journey with Him.

Here are some ways to join me in prayer:

– I will receive my personal number and be able to register for classes this month

– For LINC, the preparations and the students that will commit to these 10 days. That God would be preparing their hearts for an experience of a life-time.

– That God would bless the church families that have blessed me abundantly

– As I am out prayer walking, that I would meet people of peace, those spiritually open to learn more about Jesus

– For new financial support. As this ministry functions on the generosity of others, there is the need for monthly donations to secure the longevity of my work. Please pray that God would raise up more that are able and willing to contribute!  And if you are one of them then PRAISE God for a speedy response! You can click here to get started today!

I am very excited to be on the ground and living out the vision He had put in my heart years ago!  Appreciating how you continue to journey with me!  Blessings to you and your family!

It’s official!

It brings me great joy to announce that the visa is finally APPROVED!!! Right on time – as is God’s habit! Although an unexpected year in every way, God’s fingerprints have been evident. From being sent extremely well by my South Carolina family, to encountering the Living God in a season of pain and grief with my Jersey family, to a second chapter of healing and re-engaging ministry with my German community, it seems fit to God to open the door to fully engage on the passions He has grown in my heart for church planting in Sweden. I certainly could not have walked this journey without you and am extremely thankful for the consistent support and encouragement you have been!

Snapshots of June –
– Reconnecting with friends in Luleå and tuning into the spiritual pulse in the churches
– Meeting with students to hear about their spiritual journeys and life plans
– Prayer Walking a few parts of the city to see how God is at work
– Discussions on what areas I may be able to engage and discover what priorities God is unfolding
– Getting settled into my apartment and being blessed by how much was provided by the churches!!!
– Serving with the youth leader team at Lappis – a northern conference for believers with great teachings, activities, and of course fika
– Getting to visit dear friends in the south of Sweden that have moved from Luleå to Skövde…maybe a possible church plant 🙂

I am currently on a train to the airport where I will be taking off to meet my mother for an incredible vacation in England visiting family friends and exploring the area where my grandmother grew up. It will be a treat to see my mom again and have unhurried time with her! Please pray for her as it is her first trip across the Atlantic…hopefully the first of many if I can help it!

Please pray for the discernment in how to engage God’s work in Luleå when I return. There are of course many options and I am seeking His voice in what steps He is asking me to take first.

May God bless you in your summer travels and activities! Please keep me posted in how I can be praying for you!