Prayer & Praise

After having the opportunity to live here for the last year and some months, I am learning more about how climate effects a culture. It can be below freezing, but if the sun is shining you are compelled to be outside! To walk to school while the sun is shining is a sweet gift I appreciate as our daylight get shorter!

Just wanting to PRAISE God for His constant provision. In the last 7 days, there have been donations just over $2500 towards this ministry!!!  Yes the need is close to $20,000…but what a start!!! I praise God for the generosity of you all in making this opportunity to serve full-time seeing the Kingdom advance! THANK YOU FOR BEING PART OF THE JOURNEY!!!

Another PRAISE – A friend emailed me sharing that as she was praying one morning for me and Sweden, she saw Sweden as a lighthouse to Europe. I was greatly encouraged. I had this picture of the map of the world and a lighthouse drawn over Sweden as it is a long country…and where does the light come from??? The top…where I live! I do believe that Sweden is a strategic country in finishing the Great Commission!!!

And a quick prayer request! This weekend I will travel to the south of Sweden and participate in a church planting conference called Pioneer 14. There will be different denominations represented as well as workers using different models, but we are working towards seeing God be known in Sweden.

Financial Update

Am I allowed to get baptized with the monday fellowship group? You have encouraged me and helped me grow. I would like to take this step with you.

I have lived in Sweden for 10 months now. We have a big vision. But with any major construction project, there is time, energy and effort that must be thorough in order to have a solid foundation. A foundation built on prayer, the Word of God, and being led by the Holy Spirit provides a way where the sky is the limit. I love living for a God-sized dream!
What vision am I laboring towards:
– To see college students graduate established and equipped to be simple church planters anywhere in the world (because Swedes can go literally everywhere).
– To see a disciple-making community network established and multiplying here in Luleå and beyond.
Working for a non-profit means that I am responsible to make sure that there is enough money in the account to cover ministry expenses and my salary. We determine my salary by needs only. As we look forward, I believe that God has confirmed me to stay here in Luleå and be part of building that foundation.
I have a current need of $630 in monthly commitments. What does that mean? If you sign up to support this ministry at $10 a month or $120 a year, it means the same thing. If you donate a $150 gift one time, it is considered part of the savings and not the monthly commitment. One time gifts are amazing and needed. Because of the one time gifts, even though my monthly need is not reached, I still get a full pay check. However, that savings will not last forever 🙂
God has continued to affirm where He has me and I have no doubt He will provide in the most amazing ways. It is most humbling to put my need forward, but I need you to pray with me. Please pray that God would inspire hearts, bless bank accounts and desire to see this vision accomplished.  And if you are one of the answers, then click here to go to our secure online giving. If you know others that may be interested in joining this team, I am happy to talk with, meet, Skype, etc and share what God is doing. Many of you have invested in this work for years and I pray that God continues to bless you!
Thank you for making this possible. Updates “in person” are much more fun! If you would like to set up a Skype/Facetime/google Hangout time, just let me know!!!