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A tool for prayer

Attached is a prayer calendar for the month of May. Each day I have written a name of a friend who is far from God. That you would lift them up asking God to open the eyes and ears of his/her heart to see and to meet Jesus. Pray for the distorted filters to be removed and what is in the darkness would be brought to the light. Pray for strength and courage to ask the hard questions and not dismiss them in order to respect their teachers. Pray for opportunities to have deeper conversations that would allow for a healthy wrestling of the belief system.

We have entered the Ramadan season where my Muslim friends are fasting these 30 days. A great way I have learned about how to pray is through I have signed up my email so every day, I get a 3 to 4 minute video sharing a different aspect of the Muslim world and ways to pray.

Would you make a commitment this next month to add a few minutes to your prayer time, maybe even with your family, to cry out for these people? That would be believe that we would see a breakthrough in every life!

Who is in your area of influence that you are encouraging spiritually to grow into maturity of the faith? I would love to pray for them and you taking steps to encourage them this next month intentionally.

What is my life looking like right now???

I am a bit delayed in getting out this update, and I appreciate your patience. Rather than slowing down, this corona season has actually opened up more opportunities!

From the start of this year, the Holy Spirit has been challenging my prayer life. And I have been asking Him to teach me how to be a faithful intercessor for the work and people I care about. These past weeks I have engaged a biweekly prayer group that meets specifically to pray over the area of Stockholm I am working in. Getting to hear how others are laboring and hearing from God for these people has been an encouragement. My favorite new gathering has been an online prayer meeting every night, Monday through Friday, with missionaries in the network. I have loved getting to know them more, feel more connected with the European team as well as stand in the gap with one another.

Trainings! Because other people have had a pause with regular meetings, it opened a door to start trainings online helping equip other teams in evangelism and discipleship. I am getting to work with my colleagues, Joe and Mateo, to take the best practices we have learned over the years and help strength others. It has been a great gift to get to know a team in northern Italy and Amsterdam through our calls.

Because of the desire to keep parents at their jobs, elementary and middle schools have stayed open. Therefore, my teaching job is happening as normal with the extra work of providing online instruction for those students whose parents have chosen for them to stay home. I have enjoyed this learning curve yet look forward to when the work load can decrease a bit. We do only have 2 months left until summer!

Local team! These past few months I have new roommates. Janelle, a worker from Ohio here on a one year visa, and Maud, a Swede studying theology, both have a desire to live life on mission in the neighborhood. Because of the restrictions, we have had more time to build friendship and think through how to work together for this local vision. Excited to see how their personalities and gift-mix step out and build confidence in them to pursue all that God has for them. We hosted a small Easter dinner with our Afghani friends as we still them weekly!

Personally, I am missing friends. As I begin to plan for a home visit at the beginning of 2021 (SUPER EXCITED!!!!!), I am longing for connection with so many of you. I have been rereading letters and notes I received when I was sent eight years ago and it is meaningful to know you are still caring and supporting me! One of my goals for 2020 was to learn how to make sourdough bread. I am enjoying learning how to do this!

Let me know how you are doing in this season and how I can be praying for you!

Engaging who we know

This month we are excited to take steps to build on the relationships and create space for truth and grace to change lives. please be praying for these activities. I love reminding God of the verse that says, “A man plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” May we be led by the Lord in every detail as we look to love loud.

Monday’s – Swedish conversation and homework help. We are trusting to find ways to open this community to invite others and meet practical needs in language, math and computer skills.

Tuesday’s – learning English though bible study. Discovering how God reveals himself from the beginning and opening up conversation of perspective of who people think God is versus who He says He is. Please pray for our friends to come 🙂 and the Spirit to open hearts.

A Monthly conversation – meeting with Turkish friends and having a discussion group about Christianity and Islam.

Family Follow up – there are a few families we have started friendship with and are eager to deepen trust and see how God teaches us to love them. Pray specifically for the Bangladesh family and Syrian family.

Ohio team preparations – in 6 weeks we will get a team of 10 to pour into the harvest. Praying for the ground to be cultivated and hearts prepared to respond to the gospel.

Pastor Mac update – thank you for the continued prayers and support. Pastor Mac was discharged last night. He and his wife are currently on the first flight of two back to Utah. Please pray for strength in the journey and wisdom and they meet with doctors and walk out this journey for full health.

Thank you for journeying with me! I have been really encouraged and strengthen by your support, encouraging emails, generosity and kindness. I love getting to pray for you and hear from you. So keep me posted!

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