I’m just excited!

Tonight we had a normal community group gathering. We sat around the table talked, ate, caught up. The original plan went out the window and we went with it.

About two months ago, T contacted Hannah about her desperate situation needing to find a place to live while she started the school. Here in LuleĆ„, it takes a few years to actually get an apartment. It’s crazy. Anyway, Hannah and T didn’t know each other that well, but it was a contact. Hannah has a small apartment that is basically one large room, but with her heart of compassion, she invited her to stay with her. T soon followed Hannah to our community group meetings. One morning during a conversation, she opened up and shared that although she had been introduced to some church stuff when she was younger she wasn’t sure if she was really interested now. In our conversation tonight, T asked us if someone wanted to turn back to Jesus even though it has been a long time, how would they do that?

I’m just excited for how in the midst of a very private culture, the Holy Spirit has created a safe environment for these young adults to wrestle through truth, life and grace. Please pray that during the season of hustle and bustle, we would continue to cultivate our intimacy with Jesus as we live out these lives He has created for each of us and that He would pour out His love and hope through us to others we rub shoulders with!