Connecting with the Next Generation

Thank you again for making this possible!!!! If you would like to financial support this work, click here to get started!

Ways to pray:

  • A team from North Carolina will be here from September 4-11. Pray for our park outreaches, prayer walks and connections with friends. May hearts be open and respond to Jesus.
  • For the kids club: learning English, building trust, meeting Jesus
  • For English conversation group: A group fo about 6 to 8 people from ages 25-35 needing better English for work. We are using Bible stories for our discussions. Pray for truth to penetrate language barriers.
  • For the financial support. Praying for $800 in monthly commitments.

This happened! Taking the first step with a research course this term. It was kicked off by reading Comprehending Mission which just got me more excited about what topic I will get to research in order to help impact missions!