I think you can learn a lot about someone by how they spend their time.

Having coffee with people is one of my favorite ways to spend time.  I like coffee.  I enjoy sipping a hot drink, holding a warm mug, sitting in a comfortable chair engaging in conversation.

I like spending time near water.  I also like my hammock.  Finding a couple of trees near the river, hanging up my EMO, snuggling in with a bible, a journal and a Dunkin Doughnut coffee is another favorite way to spend time.

I love hosting in my home.  I love experimenting with new recipes. Getting online and learning from other peoples creations, I enjoy inviting people over for dinner and always cooking something new.  It’s a good excuse to use as many pans as I can with interesting ingredients.

Talking vision and strategy is something I never get tired of.  Anyone that wants to sit down and clarify the vision of a ministry and evaluating the steps to see it happen fire me up!  And yes, we usually have coffee during these times as well 🙂

There are at least some snap shots about me.  Here is a quick overview of how I got to where I am today…

Originally from New Jersey.  After graduating Muhlenberg College, I became a high school mathematics teacher in Parsippany, NJ.  For seven years I loved working with students in the classroom and on the court/field coaching different sports.  A coworker and I also took a handful of students that attended a Bible study and worked towards creating a youth ministry for the unchurched teenager.  It was through these efforts, as well as taking the Perspectives class, that my heart for the church, the bride of Christ, grew.  Motivated to want to see truth change lives and set people free, I attended Columbia International University to be more equipped for the work of the gospel.  I graduated in 2009 with a Masters of Divinity in Intercultural Studies and went on staff with Great Commission Ministries.  Starting as College Director, our handful of students became a church plant in downtown Columbia, SC aiming to reach every subculture with the good news of Jesus Christ.  Focusing on establishing believers in their faith and equipping them in their gift-mix, Jesus grows His church.  At the same time, we started a partnership in the north of Sweden.  Again starting with a handful of college students, we are taking steps to equip the next generation to plant house churches in whatever city they land a job it!  That is why I now find myself in Luleå.

I would love to hear what you are thinking! Feel free to share!

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