Tis the season to be…

Jolly! Advent…the season of anticipation. Family, fireplaces, fun memories to be created! There are many of you that have gotten to experience new life and dreams unfolding this year. Others reading this have walked through some valleys and needing a little extra hope. There is a mysterious reality that the joy of the Lord surpasses external circumstances. Praying for the joy of the Lord to be our reality.

Thankful!!! I am super thankful for you! It has been an incredible year to get to walk into full time ministry again. Thank you for making that happen. Last update I launched a God-size ask in raising $18,000 to help cover the remaining need for next year. HALF of that has already come in between new monthly supporters and a few one-time gifts. Grateful in how you continue to journey with me and make it happen! Please join me praying for how God will provide and if you would like to be part of that answer, click here!

Excited! Getting back into full-time ministry is a dream. I am excited for the planning of what can be in 2022. Locally, we continue to build bridges of trust that lead to conversations in the gospel. Regionally, we are getting opportunities to encourage and train others who have a growing heart to see Jesus move in their neighborhoods. Globally, I have had the opportunity to take steps engaging the work in other locations. There is so much to dream about what could be and I am excited to take steps to see them developed.

Merry! I am also very happy about the reality that I will get to visit South Carolina again this coming January. There will about two weeks where I am able to connect, reconnect and visit with as many of you as possible! Please let me know if you would like to set something up, or if you have a home group where I can visit and encourage with what the Lord is doing. I look forward to seeing you face to face!

Merry Christmas to you and your families!

In you’d like to get in touch, my state side number for calling is 803-753-7398. For messaging, what’s app with +46 72 223 21 25 or FaceBook Messenger. Or email, Sarah.bedi@reliant.org.

October Update!


Don’t forget to reply with an update from your side!!! Or at least a fun fall picture of something!

If you would like to join the team financially, go to www.reliant.org/Sarah.Bedi and you can sign up today!

If you would like to join the team in praying more consistently, set an alarm on you watch for Tuesdays at 11 am. This is when I am meeting with the kid’s group. You can pray for us and for the vision to come to pass!


Thankful for visitors!!!!

Park Outreach! There was a handful of Americans here for a few days which provided more opportunity to engage people! Some of us played basketball with the kids while others played a lawn game called Kubb. Although the park was surprisingly empty, the people we did get to be with were not just my immediate neighbors, but also some of the moms whose kids having been attending Kids’ Club. Thankful to build more trust with different families.
Tuesday afternoons a group of children between the ages of 6 and 10 have started to gather. We work on English and Math. Here the kids are painting while the cake they just made is baking. It is opportunity for a type of Sunday school for kids. Ani, age 8, also comes over two other times a week so that we can work on her Swedish and math. Thankful to have the space to offer homework help! Please pray for them. As second generation refugee/immigrant, finding their place in the community as different challenges.
Tyler, his wife Yining, and Matthew traveled from North Carolina. The previous week they were exploring how God was at work in Germany. This week, we had a focus of reflecting what God was saying to them as they consider what and where the Lord may lead them in the future.

A part of this ministry is to further establish and equip every believer to grow in confidence and competence in who God created them to be as well flourish wherever God has lead them to be. I am excited for borders to open and be able to receive more teams in 2022! Please pray to the Lord of the harvest to raise up more workers!

Thank you for continuing to support this work. We value your commitment to pray for us as the battle is real! This ministry is made possible by the financial support of others. If you would like to become a financial partner for this work, click here!

Even better, come visit! There is always room at the table for one more!