March madness

IMG_3797Over the past month, we got to have about a dozen people come through Stockholm. The team from Kent, Ohio were here (to the left) are all looking for God to open a way for them the move to Stockholm. Working with our national partners, we are desiring to see 10 new church plants formed around Stockholm. It is exciting to see how we get to part of it!  Please join us in praying for work visas that would provide them legal status to move here.

Mateo, who was here last year, came back with some other guys to explore what is happening among the unreached. They got to participate with local workers engaging different cultures and exploring the possibilities of what it would be like to work here.

I also got a visit from some Riverbenders. In 2008, the elders had agreed to a partnership with Richard Hultmar and the Evangelical Free Church here in Sweden. It is exciting that the friendships have deepened and we continue to work together to see all nations, all peoples have the opportunity to know the love God has for them.

In light of recent of events, we appreciate your prayers from our recent attack and threat. Thankful it was contained quickly and suspects have been caught. Praying for hearts to turn toward the need of a Living Hope that is only found in Jesus.



Team formation 

Very excited in how God continues to put the pieces together. Meet Besam, Kirsi and Esther who was working really hard to give us a face. In looking to serve the nations, it has been prayer that God would bring teammates from other backgrounds. Originally from Egypt and Finland, these two met serving the Lord in Northern Africa. We are like-minded in vision and method and have started to live life together as to build a community where new churches can start. 

Please pray for them as a family. Kirsi works as a nurse in our community as well as researching what the health needs and concerns of for those coming from other lands. Pray for Besam who travels to other cities Training believers. He is also longing to take classes from a place like CIU. Please pray that God would provide financially for him to continue to be equipped. Pray for us as we become better friends and co-laborers of the gospel. 

Happy New Year!!!

I am standing here waiting for the subway after gathering with a group that wants to learn how to step out in faith and see Kingdom. What is on my mind is you. I believe I am more in love with Jesus than I ever have been. And I am incredibly thankful to get to serve Him with my days. The reality is you make that happen. May the Lord bless you and keep you. May He shine His face upon you and your families this coming year. May you have increased joy, hope, love and faith throughout these months. 

Christmas season in Sweden

1416475554_advent20starsThere are a few ways Swedes celebrate this season that I very much enjoy. To kick off the season, candles and stars are displayed in the majority of windows the first weekend of advent. As October and November continue to increase with darkness and cold, this weekend comes and it is cozy and fun everywhere you go!  Many christmas markets are also set up in squares to enjoy all the symbols of the holiday.

screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-13-20-30Saint Lucia Day is also a yearly tradition regardless of what a person believes. A 3rd century martyr who was known to bring food to Christians who were in hiding from persecution in the catacombs. She would wear a crown of candles to light her path in order to free her hands to carry the food. Hijacking a pagan holiday, December 13th became St. Lucia’s Day the festival of lights. It certainly creates a great bridge to talk about the Light of the World!

FINANCIAL UPDATE.  This ministry is only made possible by the generosity of others. I am extremely grateful for the support and sacrifice you make to keep me on the field. Taking a second job teaching this year has added what is need to pay the taxes here (as to not need to raise another $500 a month) as well as keep me at a full salary. Yet paying the back taxes and moving to Stockholm has depleted the account I am responsible for. Please join me in praying for SPECIAL GIFT donations to help rebuild the account in order to continue to the work.

Here is a glimpse of my job description and what you are investing in:

  • Building a new multi-cultural team owning a vision to bring church movement to the immigrants and refugees now living in Sweden back to their homelands
  • Supervising new workers moving to the field over the next two years as God answers our prayer to raise up more laborers
  • Assisting in supporting at least three new church plantings team stepping out in faith next year as we take steps with an intentional city reaching vision laboring with our national leaders
  • Continuing to work with our team in Luleå so that disciple making communities grow and are strengthened
  • Partnering with United World Mission in order to learn, network and collaborate with migrant leaders along the refugee highway wanting to see the nations reached

I appreciate you and running this journey together!


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