Mongolians, Americans, Swedes and now Russians!

Overview from the Mongolian Invasion! The two weeks flew by. Everyday the group was out meeting Mongolians over the city and then hosting three day events over the weekend. As a result, a local leadership team was formed and steps continue to be taken to see a healthy, new church plant for Mongolian speaking people. They are hard workers, kind and were a joy to be with.

Team from Riverbend joined me this past month and helped kick start more activity as warmer days finally arrived. Here, Bob, Jane and Lori are joined with Göran, a member from a partnering church in downtown Stockholm, serving coffee in the centre of my village. Through park outreach and coffee table, seeds were sown, literature handed out and a few new contacts were made. Thankful of the opportunity to continue to cultivate God’s presence in this community.
Last weekend, I was invited to participate in a Christian conference entitle, In the Middle of Life. About 60 people between the ages of 30 to 50 gathered for fun, fellowship and to press into the Lord. The sessions I had the opportunity to facilitate included: Pursuing Holiness, A Successful Life: Knowing Jesus (perspective learned from Philippians 3), and Laying it down (a look at trusting God from Genesis 22). It was a weekend with great conversations, new friends and hopefully all of us deepening our relationship with Jesus.
The family on the right of the table moved to Sweden a few months ago not looking to being drafted into the war. As they are still looking for housing, they are staying with me. Our conversations are through a translation app using Russian and Swedish. Anton has found a job locally, praise God! Please pray for housing as they have been transient for almost a year and would love to get settled especially for the boys (7 and 9 years old).

Life seems continue to unfold differently than I expect, but certainly. more exciting! Thankful for the moments to rub shoulders with so many nations. Culture is beautiful and fascinating! Want to hear what is coming up? Please keep these things in prayer. This first weekend of June I have the privilege to attend a church planting conference where I am anticipating learning best practice about working with many of the hard to reach people groups, be coached in how to improve in the local work, and fellowship with like minded workers. The second weekend of June, a team of two (one of my old college students from 15 years ago and his wife!), will join me in the work here for a week. The fourth weekend of June I will get to join my family in celebrating my mother’s 70th birthday! Yes a very full month. I appreciate the prayers!

There is also the upcoming summer project…a team of 12 to 15 people traveling to three different cities across Europe engaging a local church and assisting in outreach and discipleship. Wanting to see the bride continue to grow, disciples to mature and communities impacted with the love and kindness of Christ. Please pray for us as this next month with will wrap up all the planning and preparations.

What do you know about Mongolians?

Last week a friend asked to come over to ask me a question. Strange to not just ask over the phone, but opportunity to make tea. The couple came in and sat down and shared about a need their friend had. A group of Mongolians were arriving in 7 days for a missions trip and had no housing, could I help. ‘Well, of course they can stay here!’ This is another example of why God has opened my home with no long term roommates, because there is always a need for housing for someone. TEN are sleeping at my house for the next 10 days. They are here with the hope to see a new church plant here in Stockholm to reach the 15,000 Mongolians that have migrated here in search for work. Mongolia is less than 2% Christian, yet there is evidence of a hunger growing in the past 20 years. Will you join me in praying for them these weeks, for their events this weekend and for divine appointments!

The next two months will include hosting two teams from South Carolina, speaking at a conference with the topic living purposefully as a single, attend a church planting conference (where I am super excited to gain insight and best practices about how God is moving), scout out a southern city in Sweden assisting some known people with outreach, finish preparations for the summer Europe project assisting different churches in three different cities across Europe, and yes still working on my research. Prayer is needed and welcomed.

Financial update. Yes support is still needed so that I can continue to not need roommates to pay the bills. Still looking for those that are able to commit to monthly giving. Feel free to click here for more information. Also, we have a few refugees that have applied for our summer project in order to be established in their faith and be equipped as a disicple-maker. As their funds are very limited, would you consider contributing special one-time gifts to help cover their costs. We do our very best to keep costs down. The three-week project will cost about $1200 per person which includes the travel, housing, food, and program materials. Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Let’s keep labouring intentionally so that the nations will hear and respond!

Sweden’s Spring Winter

Life can feel a bit like the weather right now. The time has changed and there is anticipation of spring with flowers blooming and the opportunity to finally put away the winter jacket. Yet, here is Sweden we are experiencing the proper spring winter. Yes, we have longer days of sunshine, but it has snowed most of last week. The view is quite pretty, but I am longing for more drastic change.

Some updates and prayer needs.

I am still a student. I have struggled guarding the time for studies when there are people and opportunity everywhere. Over the next few months, I will look to interview many migrants learning from their experience. Please pray for willing participants and divine appointments. I am excited about who I will get to meet.

Financial update. I continued to be humbled by the generosity of so many! I am still looking for a few more monthly supporters to create more stability in the ministry account. Please join me in praying for new people to partner in making this work possible. Feel free to put me in touch with anyone you think might be interested. If you are able to answer that prayer, click here!

Please let me know how you are doing and how I can be praying for you. Happy Easter! Praying for a wonderful weekend of celebration for the truth we get to live out!