Still in New Jersey…

It has been a great gift having the opportunity to catch up with so many of you this past month. I am very thankful for technology and your willingness to ‘meet’ as we are able. The lack of travel certainly has been something to grieve in not getting to personally connect with most of you; yet, there is still the great gift of seeing my family consistently. My niece (age 2) now knows who I am and is more comfortable playing with me. My weekly hang outs with my nephews (ages 12 and 10) have included lots of board games and actually getting the opportunity to celebrate their birthdays in person for the first time in their lives! My mother and I have been working through the 21 Marvel movies that lead up to End Game. We are thoroughly enjoying it!

One of the main goals in having this home visit from Sweden is to have the time to update everyone about what God is doing in the work. Although I have started to do this with personal calls, I have set up two zoom times for a group hangout. During the call, I will give a short presentation with pictures about where I live and what God has been doing the past few years. Moving to Stockholm was a huge transition that included adding a second job to help with the finances, living in a Muslim neighborhood as well starting from scratch in forming a new ministry team. After sharing the highlights, I want to dream with you about where we are going! The end of the call will give time for questions and answers. Feel free to pop on the call for the update and then stay as long as you are able! And INVITE others!!! The more the merrier!

THURSDAY, February 25th 7 pm – Use this link

SATURDAY, February 27th 10 am – Use this link

Financial Update. It has been an incredible gift to have so many of you partner with me financially to make this work possible. THANK YOU! Teaching in a local school these past few years has not only provided financially for the ministry work but has allowed me to meet and reach people I otherwise would not have. While I am grateful for the opportunity it gave, the hope is to raise enough support to not need a second job for income. In order to make this happen, I will need raise another $500 in monthly giving. I have partners who give anywhere from $20 to $200 a month. Every bit counts! Would you join me in praying for this need? If you would like to be an answer to this prayer and partner with me, you can click on this link to get started. If you currently give and would like to increase your giving, you can use the same link, and then click My Account in the top right corner to access your information. If you know people that would be interested in this work, would you connect us?

I will look forward to hopefully seeing you at the zoom call! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. We have a lot to look forward to!

Happy New Year!!!

Spending Christmas and New Years in quarantine ended up being a great blessing. Of course, there is the constant reality of what you can not do and who you can not yet see. Yet, the gift of staying put and having quality time with a one or two is a real gift. My first week of quarantine was at my Uncle’s home, only a few miles from my mothers. They spoiled me with good food, movies and lots of love. After a week and another covid negative test, I moved to my mother’s. We celebrated another christmas and enjoy restful days together. Finally when the two week period ended, I was able to celebrate with my brother and his family. So although spread out, I have been extremely thankful for the unhurried time with family these first couple of weeks state-side!

And I am still here! The Lord continues to unfold my path in amazing ways. Although covid will prohibit me from traveling this month, I am excited to be in the same time zone as so many of you! It is hard to know I can not jump into a car and see you all face to face, but I certainly hope we can make use of technology and find ways to reconnect. Please let me know when you are free so that we can set a time to have a cup of coffee and share what the Lord is up to!

How to get in touch with me? My email is That works for emails as well as FaceTime and iMessage. You can find me on Facebook Messenger as well for texting and video calls. There is always What’s app, Skype and Zoom. We have so many options! So no excuses. Contact me soon with when you can catch and what video conversation method you prefer!

See you soon! Blessings, Sarah

Merry Christmas!!!

Like many of you, these weeks look different than normal. Less people to see, less get together, less connection. Yet in the midst of it all, we continue to do what we can and see some of the gifts that would have otherwise not been. This past month, I got to engage each family unit separately which allowed for deepening of friendship. This year, each household received a Christmas packet containing candles, Swedish Christmas tea as well as a Bible. Please pray for these five households to read Jesus’ story and experience His love this season.
I am back in the USA as I write this. Yesterday, I spent the day traveling through empty airports and enjoyed an entire row to myself on the flight. Thankful for everything being done to provide distancing and safety.

Because of the Covid realities, I will not be able to do the extensive road trip I had hoped. There is still a thought of potential travel, but it looks like I will have to take advantage to technology. Of course, I still would love to share a meal or a coffee with each other…even if through a screen. I will take the next week to quarantine at my uncle’s house in New Jersey and then celebrate Christmas with my mom and brother’s family in January .

Praise the Lord for continued generosity of all of you! This past month, I have had an additional $150 in monthly giving start and $600 in special gifts! Thank you for continuing to make this work possible! If you know anyone wanting to invest in this refugee ministry, please put us in touch!

May your holiday week be full of joy as the Lord increases your hope, strength and vision for what will be. Praying for health and love to surround you! Merry Christmas! Talk soon!

Blessings, Sarah

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