Transitioning to Sweden

I continue to cling to Proverbs 16.9, “The heart of man plans his way, but the LORD establishes his steps.”  My life is a great testimony to this truth!  A year and a half ago we made plans based on the information gathered, and yet my steps have turned out differently than expected.  We haven’t panicked.  We haven’t rebelled.  We have rolled with it seeking His guidance every day!  He is faithful and continues to show us His fingerprints in the details.

The paper work is still being processed, but we are encouraged that everything “sounds like” it is moving forward with favor.   Continue reading Transitioning to Sweden

Recapping Cologne, Germany

TheDomWhen I first arrived mid-January we really thought I would only be here for a few weeks.  This has been an incredible detour.  I am full of gratitude to the Goerings and the Bridge for providing a home for me in this season!

Here are some snap shots of what I have been involved with these months… Continue reading Recapping Cologne, Germany