Discovering Jesus together

I just wanted to share a few opportunities that I get to meet with a community of people to fellowship, prayer, read and discuss the truths of the Bible. It never gets old! Some are learning about Jesus for the first time. Others have heard about Jesus and even have attended a church at one point in their lives, but are not sure what it means that God’s heart is to have a personal relationship. Then there are some that are just eager to learn and go deeper! So here are some of what and who. Please keep us in prayer!

7:08 – Saturday nights a group of college students and young professionals gather to seek God. We start at 7:08 taken from John 6:68 when Peter replied to Jesus, “Where would we go. You are the one that has the words of eternal life.” May God take this community of believers and empower them with confidence and boldness to be salt and light to their areas of influence for the gospel.

Hertsön Fellowship Group – Hertsön is an area of the city. This is an international group of some who have lived here for 35 years and others that have recently moved. We start around 15:00 and end when we end. It is lively. Last week a persian lady who is still not sure what to make of Jesus personally was engaged and eager to learn more about what the Bible has to say.

Wednesday Fellowship Group – another international fellowship group where families can gather and again discover more about who God says He is.

Those are some weekly intentional times of seeing people take closer steps to Jesus. Please pray for spiritual growth as each person discovers what it means to live out their faith. Please also pray Maria’s home group. Maria is an active member of Korskyrkan has had an influence in her family and neighborhood. Her home group is made up of families with young young children. Last night I got to hang out with them and share different ways to talk about God to others. There is a real hunger to feel more equipped with how to share God’s story. Pray for opportunities for them as well as that I could learn how to encourage them in being equipped.

Last Thursday night the campus group invited me to share some thoughts on student life and the word of God. We had a fun discussion from Mark 12 on what it meant to Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your mind, all your soul and all your strength. Pray for these students what are wrestling with lifestyle choices they want to make.

Well there are some snap shots of some things going on! Thank you for the prayers!!!!!

A Typical Tuesday

Getting on my bike at 8 am, I head to my swedish class. Tuesdays my group spends the three-hour block with our mentor teacher. We give speeches, take tests and learn about random topics…at least it seems random to me. They obviously have a curriculum they cover over the course of the semester. My group is made up of at least 8 different nationalities and they have all moved to Sweden in the last 8 months. I am enjoying learning the language but it definitely makes my mind tired!

At 11:30ish I exit the building and head over to the university to have lunch with students. There is usually about 6 to 10 students that intentionally gather on Tuesdays to build connection throughout the week. I don’t know enough swedish to eavesdrop well, but it’s great to listen and learn. Or course, they always return to english to include me. I am excited to build deeper relationships with them. My goal on Tuesday afternoons is to be present on campus and available. From lunch, I take a prayer walk. Today I was alone, but I know as schedules allow there are students who will join me. Being able to intercede and seek how God is at work on this campus is an important part of my day. Continue reading A Typical Tuesday

Traveling South

imageYesterday I arrived in Skövde, a city in the south of Sweden between Stockholm and Gothenburg.  The Rwamamara’s are a family that we became close with in Luleå these past four years as we labored together and sought to see others come to know Jesus. A year ago they relocated south for work…or really because God had other plans in mind. I am here with two elders from Riverbend, Jason and Mike, and will be joined by a couple from Germany, the Goerings who were the family I stayed with earlier this year, tonight. This weekend we will be discussing the plans of church planting here and what it could look like. It is excited to explore how God would move us forward and learn how to impact this city for the glory of God. This morning we got to explore an old church and the ruins of an old monastery built in the 1100s. Hearing more of the christian history of this country creates a deeper curiosity to learn as well as discover how the gospel can be sown and a new generation of faith can be realized.

But that’s not all!  Monday after I leave Mike and Jason in Stockholm I will get to travel to a couple of more places (Uppsala, Stockholm, Gothenburg) getting to reconnect with some that have moved from Luleå. We will have time to catch up and see how God is at work in and through them in their new seasons. I will also get to connect with others that have been church planting in Sweden. Some just a few years while others for over 20! I am excited to learn and get insights from their experiences!!!

Please pray as I travel that the visits would be fruitful, I would be an encouragement to those I get to meet and that I would be able to learn as much as possible. That we would be seeking how God is at work here in Sweden and how He is inviting us to join Him!