Recapping last week – Praying for this week!

THANK YOU FOR PRAYING!!! It was excited to be on campus last week. The students worked very hard fixing about 80 bikes. Gears, brakes, tires, pedals, alignment…they were amazing! I think I have mastered changing an inner tube, but that is about it. This was the 4th year and people now look forward to this service. A great way to share the love of Jesus meeting a tangible need. AND we had a couple of guys show up to our cafe night and engage in conversation. Both far from God, these men took steps to ask ?s in their small groups discussing the meaning of life. I enjoyed eavesdropping as 2 students shared about Jesus and took steps to encourage curiosity. There was a small write up in the paper if you want to see:

KEEP PRAYING! This week we have the Wilson family here from Riverbend Church in Lexington, SC. Here are some specific activities they will facilitate. Please pray that God would encourage, strengthen, challenge and inspire each other as well as impact the Kingdom here!

  • Daily prayer walks. To see how God is at work. To declare His glory and take back territory from the enemy. To engage people.
  • Monday – Anna and Sara Beth will facilitate the ladies, while Caleb meets with the men. Sharing from personal testimony and the word their personal walks and mission with Jesus.
  • Tuesday – At the university, we will hand out coffee and survey. Please pray for us to engage many!
  • Tuesday – Randy will lead a workshop for music worship
  • Wednesday – Family Home Group night at the church. Randy & Lynn will share their story and how God has taught them to live out biblical instruction in marriage and parenting. Anna will lead a dance workshop. Caleb and Sara Beth will do something sporty. The basketball courts are still covered in snow, but they will come up with something 🙂
  • Friday – A family led time on practice and personal steps to live out biblical principles in today’s world
  • Saturday – A pre-martial discipleship vision and strategy to raise up the next generation in God’s design
  • Sunday – Randy will preach

As you can see, we are excited for God to use them to the max! Pray we will meet people of peace and see God’s glory fall in this place. Pray that God would speak personally to each of them as they mature and live out who God created them to be!!!

I am so excited to journey with you in seeing the Kingdom of God advance! PRAY! PRAY! PRAY! Thankful that you partner with us!

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Sarah Bedi

Enjoying the journey unfold as God leads. Currently living in Stockholm enjoying rubbing shoulders with the nations. Learning more about God's heart and compassion.

3 thoughts on “Recapping last week – Praying for this week!”

  1. praising God with you for the bike outreach. And glad to hear you have some encouragement there with the Wilson family!

    Miss you deary, Va



  2. Praying with you! Much love to you. Excited about the article and students who came to the discussion. Praying for the Wilson families time with you also. Praise God!!!!


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