Snap Shots

It’s amazing how quickly my mind resorts to what has been known and what I am accustomed to. These past few months, the greatest gift I have enjoyed is a great dependence on the Lord and learning how to follow His lead. Often this is a trial and error journey, as I am quicker to act then to listen. But I am learning. Here are some snap shots of thoughts, victories and questions I continue to wrestle through…and some ways you can specifically pray!

  • There are over 90% of the people who have decided not to seek out something already established. I think spiritual hunger is growing. How do we bring the church to them? How do we connect to this culture as strangers?
  • It is a bit of joke due to the reality of it, but when you wait for a bus, there is a cultural social rule that you stand a few yards away from each other and don’t make eye contact. How can I meet strangers and get to have coffee with them without being completely rude? I am learning how to be who I am while respecting the culture.
  • One church. As a body of believers in one city, it would be great to see unity built on mission and core values that desire to see this city reached for Christ. There are churches that I don’t trust. There are some who don’t desire to live on mission. How much energy do I use trying to communicate, include and collaborate with what exists? What is my responsibility to initiate, and what do I just leave out there to see how the Holy Spirit works out?
  • There are so many different nationalities represented and more coming. How do we discover inroads to build relationships, demonstrate Jesus’ love and help meet needs?
  • It is overwhelmingly exciting to see individuals take steps in spiritual maturity. I am thrilled beyond measure to see the majority in our groups take steps in being disciple-makers. The hearts’ growth for the lost, the steps taken to serve and take initiative with people in their areas of influence, seeing new believers become part of the communities and growing increased time with God seeking Him and His voice are all measures of success that is happening!
  • Support. How do I continue to labor toward the work here and keep the efforts in raising the financial need of this ministry? How do I find new supporters? I know the most important piece is to pray. Please join me in praying that the rest of the needed support support would come in that I may stay!  There is a need in about $5000 one-time gifts of $400 in monthly giving. If you anyone, let me know! Or give here!
  • Networking. I continue to learn how to network with like-minded workers in Sweden and this region of Europe. I desire to use the time I got as best possible. Thankful for the opportunities to learn, share and spur one another on in the work. At the same time, I continue to learn to embrace my limitations with time, people, relationships, energy, etc. Keeping Luleå the priority work, how do I use the remainder wisely?
  • I continue to believe that as we make disciples, Christ will build His church. I firmly believe that as we see a foundation of spiritual maturity, biblical DNA, we will see an explosion in the future. Pray with me that we would stay dependent on His leadership to see His glory poured out through northern Scandinavia to the ends of the earth.

Well that is probably enough snap shots for now 🙂  I appreciate how you continue to journey with me through prayer and financial support in making this possible. The battle is real and thankful we fight together!  Blessings to you and your family!!!

Published by

Sarah Bedi

Enjoying the journey unfold as God leads. Currently living in Stockholm enjoying rubbing shoulders with the nations. Learning more about God's heart and compassion.

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