Thanks for praying! A quick review…

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It is just the beginning!  We appreciate the prayers you have spoken. Tuesday evening we grilled out on the South Harbor. What use to be a building was used to create a beach for family fun this summer. There was ping pong tables, volleyball and a great view. All the parks here are supplied with wood for your use. We had a great time. There was a student who took advantage of the invitation and engage. A few others were strolling by and decided to also join us! It was a great evening. We had good conversation and are trusting this is just the beginning.

Our prayer is…

  • to follow Joshua 1…to be bold and courageous and show others how to walk in the promise land!
  • create presence by being out and visible
  • to initatie conversations to open people to become aware of their own worldview
  • to fall more in love with Jesus that He just spills out of us onto others naturally!

We thank you for praying with us!


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Enjoying the different seasons of life with incredible people along the way. I love grabbing coffee and getting to connect and share life. Adventure, culture, reading, watching movies, chilling at home, kayaking down a river or making a trip to the zoo are all activities that energize me. I just really enjoy living. View all posts by Sarah Bedi

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