A snap shot of the next few nights!

2016-02-22 18.42.44Monday nights I get to spend the night with a handful of teenage ladies. They are remarkable and I love seeing them engaging the Word, facilitating a bible discussion and making choices to follow Jesus. This term we are focusing on identity in Christ as I desire them to be excited about who God has made them to be and the part they play in Kingdom expansion. 2016-02-22 19.55.44Tonight we focused on the different components to the big picture and ways to see where they are confident and competent
disciple makers and where we need to grow.  Pray that they would have heart to reach their generation!  In the picture, pray for Jensina (who is illuminated) as she is in her first year of practical gymnasium and the only believer amongst her classmates. Pray also for Emelie who is in her last year of gymnasium and will soon decide where to go to university. Pray that she would be graduate confident and competent to be a leader on her campus. Not pictured, pray for Jiana in class 8 as she has a heavy work load and the only believer in her class.

Tuesday nights is house church. A solid healthy house church launched and learning how to live out their faith so that multiplication will happen. The gospel is being sown weekly to areas at workplaces, neighborhoods and among their hobbies. We also have new people who are curious about Jesus come more often. It can feel slow, but we know that if we continue to abide in Christ, seek His face in the details and obey what He says, we will see Him move!  Pray for the core to be refreshed in the Lord and continue to see how the Kingdom can come in this city!

20160218_123631Wednesday night is a flexible night where I will get to meet with someone or a family, or maybe even take the night off!  This week I will meet with the campus leadership team for some team building work. Looking to see each grow in their God-given gift-mix and work together to see the gospel spread during their years at university. Pray for the team: Elias, Samuel, Josef, Julee and Sara as they are passionate and excited to see change!

Join me in praying for a movement of God to be born in this place! Often people wonder what I do. Is it college ministry? Am I on staff with the church? Do I do women’s ministry? Do I just drink coffee? Well the answer is yes 🙂  My desire is to city vision of Swedes planting new churches so that every subculture will have the chance to hear and respond to the gospel!  I will look to disciple/train/encourage any person that let’s me! Pray that this end will be reached! I may use explanation points often…but it’s just the attempt to convey the passion I feel in my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you someone looking for a ministry to support that will impact the nations for Jesus? Pick me! You can go to www.reliant.org/sarah.bedi right now and be part of helping me get a full pay-check. Feel free to respond with how I can be praying for your week.

Special PRAYER request – Please join me in praying for a good friend, Joel Helms, who is in the hospital right that the Lord would bring full healing to his body. Thankful his wife, Kelly,  and their  3 month old son are at his side. Wisdom for doctors, test results, etc. Bring out the works! Thank you.

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Sarah Bedi

Enjoying the journey unfold as God leads. Currently living in Stockholm enjoying rubbing shoulders with the nations. Learning more about God's heart and compassion.

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