Team formation 

Very excited in how God continues to put the pieces together. Meet Besam, Kirsi and Esther who was working really hard to give us a face. In looking to serve the nations, it has been prayer that God would bring teammates from other backgrounds. Originally from Egypt and Finland, these two met serving the Lord in Northern Africa. We are like-minded in vision and method and have started to live life together as to build a community where new churches can start. 

Please pray for them as a family. Kirsi works as a nurse in our community as well as researching what the health needs and concerns of for those coming from other lands. Pray for Besam who travels to other cities Training believers. He is also longing to take classes from a place like CIU. Please pray that God would provide financially for him to continue to be equipped. Pray for us as we become better friends and co-laborers of the gospel. 


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