I love seasons and enjoy the anticipation of the transition.


The colors are so beautiful with a change of seasons.  We have shorter days and more layers to wear, but also candles to light and the enjoyment of making things with pumpkin!  Thankfulness is encouraged especially in light of what we can not see.  This past month, God continues to bring affirmation that He will bring new seasons in His time!  Our focus is to continue to live out the lifestyle of creating community and loving our neighborhood loudly.

These months still have a focus of building trust,

Praying for open doors!

creating presence and trusting for divine appointments as we seek to find a house of peace in the neighborhood.  It became known that one of the apartments behind the library would house up to 100 refugee families.  We had made contact with two sisters living their with their mom and started to a friendship.  Last week we started an english conversation group in their home.  We are giving thanks for the opportunity to start something in that place and now continue to pray that we will meet others.

ELS2018- 019 (1)
European teams gathering in Poland to spur one another on in local works. This year the Leadership Summit focused on what the Bible says about what is church. It is exciting to see leadership raised up in each country owning a vision to see their people worshipping God. 


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Sarah Bedi

Enjoying the journey unfold as God leads. Currently living in Stockholm enjoying rubbing shoulders with the nations. Learning more about God's heart and compassion.

2 thoughts on “I love seasons and enjoy the anticipation of the transition.”

  1. Hi Sarah! Thinking of you and praying for and with you. We finally dropped below sixty degrees! Heavenly! Haha! May God continue to bless you and protect you and multiply your influence.

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