A different kind of summer

With my mother’s trip canceled and teams unable to join us, God has opened up news way to use our time these coming weeks. With the launch of summer this weekend, most schedules follow a different rhythm which has offered new bridges and opportunities.

The immediate building complex I live in is made up of about 130 condos payed out in two story buildings. My courtyard connects 16 of these homes representing at least 8 different countries. I believe God is helping me cultivate His presence here. Please join me in praying for favor and deepening of relationships.

My upstairs neighbors, Linus (Swedish) and Helen (Scottish) will marry next month in a very simple service at the state house. They come weekly to our conversation group on Monday nights and we often hang out at random moments through the month. This past Friday, we were invited to celebrate Midsummer with them and Linus’ family. Linus suffers from migraines and other hurdles he has yet to share the details.

A Pakistan couple in their 80s lives next to them. Mohammad and Anis moves here in the 70s for work. Anis came very close to death this past February, but has regained strength and taking it day by day. One of their sons, who recently separated from his wife, has moved home to live. Mohammad gets out almost daily with his walker to fetch groceries and is always ready for a chat.

A couple from Thessaloniki, Greece moved here 30 years ago to raise their family. Children and grandchildren live close while they care for their father who is suffering from Alzheimers. The wife is learning new things this summer such as grilling for the family on weekends.

The orthodox Syrian neighbor across from will every now and then stand in the court years and call my name until I answer. She is very persistent. This passed week, her need was to request I tutor her nephew who needs to strengthen his English this summer.

My other Syrian neighbor, Nellie, just had her fourth child…a baby girl. Nellie has a dream to move her family to California as it seems like everything would be better if they were there.

Please join me in praying that I would present to my neighbors these weeks. That rather than I just be known as the person who is always having people over, that I would also be known as someone who cares for them. Pray that I would notice and be proactive to care. Pray that I would bold in conversation and not feel insecure about my Swedish. Pray that God would lead me to a family of peace that is already desiring to know who God is. Everyone here has brokenness in their lives and a need for hope.

Grilling out in the park with friends.
A walk to the park between lunch and fika celebrating Midsummer with my Linus’ family.
My campsite for a three day silent retreat with Jesus when school ended.
Getting to celebrate Johanna from senior high school. The Hultmar family has been part of my life since the beginning of the Sweden partnership. It was 2008 when Richard Hultmar and my pastor in the states decided we could work together. Richard and Therese have been incredible support to me since my first trip to Luleå in 2009, and now we work together still in Stockholm. Johanna meet regularly to talk about the Bible and life. Excited to see her next chapter at the university in Uppsala.

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Sarah Bedi

Enjoying the journey unfold as God leads. Currently living in Stockholm enjoying rubbing shoulders with the nations. Learning more about God's heart and compassion.

2 thoughts on “A different kind of summer”

  1. So good to hear from you and see what God is doing in and through you! Your orthodox neighbor makes me laugh. I love how you pour your life into connection with them. Praying for your summer and for the love of Christ to shine in distinct ways so they will be impacted by His presence. Love you friend!!


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