9 years…

Yesterday I woke up to an email from the family that received me in Germany this week nine years ago. Time is an interesting concept, regardless of how concrete it is, there will always be a bit of abstract reality to it! But yes, celebrating nine years getting to serve on the field! In reflecting on what has happened, what has been successful, what have I learned, there is certainly an obvious objective that stands out.

Making disciples. Over these years, this ministry has gotten to host at least twenty different teams that have come from different churches, different states and different countries. As my passion is in equipping, there isn’t much surprise that I am excited about how God continues to use our work and location to build a type of cross-cultural training center. With COVID restrictions lessening and getting to engage the work full-time, we are gearing up for more teams and equipping opportunities this next year.

I recently had an email from a team I hosted from Poland three years ago:

Our stay at your home and your church was a great experience for us. We actually didn’t know at the beginning why we should go but the things we could experience with you started giving fruit after our come back home. I don’t even know how to put it, but a lot of good things have already happened and I hope still are going to happen in our lives. Your community is a kind of model for us – how to work and live and let God lead us. We are very grateful for all this to you.

– Poland Team

Financial Update. Last year, leaving the teaching job meant taking some time to re-engage raising support so that I could continue to walk out this ministry with full-time energy and availability. There were eight new people that joined team ranging from gifts fo $15 to $80. The end of year ask was the amount of $18000 in order to cover expenses for 2022. There was $15750 donated in one-time gifts! If you add what the new recurring gifts would bring in, the grand total is $18210!!!! So much to give praise for!!!

Still need prayer. Yes the need was met with a little extra! Yet in the process, there is also a reality that some monthly givers, will need to end their support this year. Please continue to pray for God to bring new financial partners so that the account can continue to be sustainable. And if you want to be an answer to that prayer, or know someone, just use this link: www.reliant.org/sarah.bedi

With everything that has happened this past couple of years, Covid, the political climate, personal loss, there is renewed reality that our time is short. Let us walk into this new year with a determination to live purposefully, love intentionally, and serve willingly.

Thank you for making this work possible!!!

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Sarah Bedi

Enjoying the journey unfold as God leads. Currently living in Stockholm enjoying rubbing shoulders with the nations. Learning more about God's heart and compassion.

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