Another wave of teams

2016-06-20 13.21.22.jpgLast week the third team arrived in Stockholm. This group with a heart focused on the unreached and unengaged have joined me in discovering what God is doing among the refugee, immigrant population. How do we engage the 10/40 window that God has brought to Europe? How do we learn what the needs of our neighbors are? How do we build bridges through culture and language? We have some refugees that have lived here for over twenty years and some for two months. It is not easy engaging as outsiders. Yet through prayer walks and God’s favor, we have made some great connections and learning how God is at work among the nations in my backyard.IMG_20160303_221337.jpg

Misti and Shea Willis arrived yesterday with their son Jeremy (One year old). Their daughters are having great grandparent time in Ohio while they serve alongside the work that has been started here as well as seek God’s face for different ways God can lead them as a family in advancing the Kingdom.

Please pray for these teams as many are looking to see if God would open a pathway for them to move here next year and serve for Kingdom advancement. With all the teams I have worked with this summer, there are at least 7 who have started the process!  Praise the Lord for more workers!

Sarah Speaking.jpgThis week I had the privilege of attending a New Wine Conference. A network crossing all denominational lines to bring a city vision strategy to seek a revolution in our country. It was an incredible opportunity to hear messages inspiring workers towards the simplicity of taking steps to engage the work in their neighborhoods and the challenge to be going. I had the opportunity to share over two seminars sharing owning a kingdom vision for you personal lifestyle and simple life style habits to engage what God is doing in their sphere of influence.

This ministry is only made possible because of your support. Thank you for your commitment to prayer as that is where the battle lies, finances to make it possible to serve here, and love. Thank you for the cards brought by Misti that encouraged my heart greatly and just your constant encouragement to me to keep going!


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Sarah Bedi

Enjoying the journey unfold as God leads. Currently living in Stockholm enjoying rubbing shoulders with the nations. Learning more about God's heart and compassion.

One thought on “Another wave of teams”

  1. So encouraging to hear of all the encouragement you’re getting!
    I would love to see these simple ways to own Kingdom vision in my personal lifestyle for myself!


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