Will Spring Come?

March’s weather is very unpredictable.  You have these moments where the sun is shining, if feels that it will get above 50 degrees and there is even the signs of flowers trying to break through the recently thawed soil.  The very next day there is three inches of snow on the ground with no signs of spring on the horizon.  This tension or battle for winter to come to an end is how ministry can feel.

We met Aya, a student in the local high school, in December.  She seemed hungry to know Jesus and filled with questions.  Yet after two months, it was as though she had decided to move further away and we might not see her again.  Surprisingly she send a message that she wanted to go to church. The battle to believe something she knows would cause tension with relatives and friends.  Last week she had so much anxiety and trouble breathing she went to the hospital.  Caroline (my roommate) prayed for her.  Aya continued to pray to Jesus that week.  Then one night, Jesus came to her in a dream.  She said she felt so loved.  Then Jesus put his hand out and touched her forehead.  She was healed.  She woke up healed and even days later she was rejoicing.  Aya will move in with us this week to take some pressure off so that she can have space to get her questions answered and finish school.  Please pray for Aya.

In September, we were eager to start an investigative bible study with Marsi and Asiyeh.  After a few videos looking at the Old Testament pointing to the Messiah, it seemed the interest had died out and the pressure of studies took over.  Struggling with how to continue to the conversation, we decided to wait and just be with our friends.  Last Sunday, Marsi out of the blue asked if there were any more videos for us to watch.  “Yes, the next one is about Mary and Jesus’ birth.” we responded.  The ladies asked if we could continue the series.  Please pray for these two women to meet Jesus these coming weeks.

We never know when Spring will come, but we are promised it will come.  I have been learning how to remain in joy during winter knowing that I have a Living Hope that does not disappoint.  The battle for fruit to come is real.  Please pray for the season to change in our neighborhood (Tensta/Rinkeby) and that many more would seek and find Jesus.

Published by

Sarah Bedi

Enjoying the journey unfold as God leads. Currently living in Stockholm enjoying rubbing shoulders with the nations. Learning more about God's heart and compassion.

One thought on “Will Spring Come?”

  1. Great post Sarah. I was really encouraged by what God is doing in my old Swedish neighbourhood through you. I lived in Rinkeby for a little while when I was young. We still have friends there.


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