Living in a city, there is always construction happening. New apartment building are in demand and the old ones need renovations.  You may have remembered from the last update, the building I live in decided to change every pipe.  The bathroom was gutted in what felt like forever.  Two months of breaking down.  Many weeks of watching and waiting and thinking will I ever have a functional toilet inside again.  Then within a three day period, it appears that we are close to the finish line.  Just like that.

Of course there is the adventure to coming each night and learning what has happened that wasn’t planned, which decisions got made without your consent, and what features did you not ask for but got anyway.  Construction…the beginning stages take the longest, yet ensure the best result.

In many ways, the ministry work feels this way.  We are still in a tearing down of darkness, strongholds that have been secure for generations.  The demolition is taking longer than hoped.  Some foundational pieces have started, but it is hard to tell from out side perspective.  Yet, knowing that God is building something with a foundation that is secure and will last for eternity brings constant hope.

Our team is in a great place of getting to know one another, encourage the areas of influence that are opening, and enjoying doing church as family.  We are six adults and five children.  We are networking, reaching out and praying.  Here is an encouraging story from this month:

S & M (my teammates) were on a prayer walk. S felt that the Holy Spirit wanted her stop and pray that God would move mountains.  They prayer for the mountains to moved to engage central asians to here the gospel.  From there they continued there walk to local grocery store as this particular culture they were hoping to meet always is shopping for fruits and vegetables.  Sure enough, they ran into a uzbek lady in the produce section.  The woman invited the family over dinner that night.  After gathering the children from school, they made there way to the address.  When they arrived at the door of the building, it was the exact place the Holy Spirit had stopped them to pray earlier.

Please pray for us as we look to sow seeds.  Pray for open hearts.  Pray we would be bold and courageous in sharing the good news.  Pray for wisdom in building relationships.

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Sarah Bedi

Enjoying the journey unfold as God leads. Currently living in Stockholm enjoying rubbing shoulders with the nations. Learning more about God's heart and compassion.

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