It’s all about perspective

2019-01-14 20.34.18.jpgTwo weeks ago, the demolition progress began.  The building I live in is 30 years old and they decided to change every pipe.  Yes, that means no water for six to eight weeks.  It is exciting.  Yes they provide outside bathrooms for us, which were nicer than I had imagined.  Yes, it is the middle of winter in Sweden and not the most convenient time from my perspective.  Yet, there are many great opportunities happening because of this timing.

I love hosting and getting the opportunity to build community in my home, but there is also something special when you get the opportunity to receive.  Here is what my schedule is looking like and how you can pray.

This week’s construction kicked me out and I needed to sleep somewhere else for a few nights. I am staying with a family that have become dear friends.  Thankful for how well they care for me but also excited for the extra late night and early morning conversations.  Praying for openings to share more about my relationship with Jesus.

Monday nights Sajid has opened up his home and feeds us…he is one of the chefs in the local indian restaurant.  We have gotten to meet the other two men he lives with.  All three of them have their wives from Pakistan arriving in the next few months.  Looking for ways to build trust and opportunity to provide community to help new comers settle in their new country.

Elinsborgsbaken is an area of buildings that we are focusing on because one building is being used to house refugees.  We had the opportunity to provide a Christmas fika in December and made a few new contacts.  Please pray for favor in building new relationships.  We are trying to start language groups and homework help as a way to meet a need and see what doors God opens.

Another positive note is that I need a place to shower which has helped get to the gym more often to take a swim and then get ready for work.  So you see it’s all about perspective 🙂  Thankful for this season.  Thankful for you as you continue to journey with me!


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Sarah Bedi

Enjoying the journey unfold as God leads. Currently living in Stockholm enjoying rubbing shoulders with the nations. Learning more about God's heart and compassion.

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