Summer connections

A8B4ACF4-E680-40C7-AA62-5F4C712E3EE4Relationships with those in our neighborhood continue to develop.  Studies has increased and the pressure they face in desiring to get to university exists.  We have gotten to host workshops learning how to create PowerPoint presentations and developing digital competence.  It was a great gift when Elena asked if we could host her birthday party.  We do stop and have fun!

During Ramadan, we were able to meet new families and had the opportunity to break fast with them and their families.  It was a gift to receive their generosity and be welcomed in to their homes.  Thankful for the friendships that have started.  Please pray for opportunities to sow seeks of truth and grace with every conversation.

We had the opportunity to visit the team in Cologne, Germany doing a similar work.  It 995D2F63-9B3E-4512-A9AB-6C884D08E462was a wonderful time deepening friendships, learning their neighborhood as well as engaging people.  I was thankful for the opportunities to explore questions such as ‘what is the meaning of life?’, ‘how do you define good?’, and ‘how do we deal with the brokenness that surrounds us?’.  There were a handful of ladies that I got to engage and see their hearts hungry to be comforted with the reality that they don’t have the answer.



Janelle is coming!!!  We have a young lady from Ohio who has been preparing to join our team for the past 18 months and the day of arrival is finally approaching.  She has an incredible heart for the refugee and broken-hearted.  Her experiences, education, and simply her being her, is bringing a huge addition to our team.  Please pray for her in this season of transition as well as for favor as she looks for a part-time work to help cover costs and provide a visa for long-term.


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Enjoying the journey unfold as God leads. Currently living in Stockholm enjoying rubbing shoulders with the nations. Learning more about God's heart and passion. View all posts by Sarah Bedi

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