What?!?! It’s August???

July was full of great memories!  Good friends from grad school visited me opening some great exploration in Stockholm.  Friends from Luleå came down for a week for some rest and fellowship.  Janelle moved in!  My Swedish improved during a two week intensive course.  And a team arrived!

Jack, Joan and Paul from Ohio came for a full week to join us in prayer and engagement; as well as simply caring for us.  Having teams with us always helps us meet more people! After ordering some food from the food truck, Jack got into a conversation with one of the workers.  M continued to hang out with us after work the following days.  He shared that after talking Jack, he woke up and desired to read the bible.  Hanging out in the park, we started shooting baskets with a family from Bangladesh whom we got to spend time with for a few days and exchanged phone numbers.  Please join in praying for friendships to deepen and opportunities to share truth about Jesus.

Another team arrives next week.  A couple from Riverbend and a group serving with another mission, called OM, will get to spend another week here praying and engaging people.  Please pray for favor and opportunity.

This week is an important time for Muslims.  Many are gathering in Mecca for the Hajj.  Take a few minutes to watch this video and pray that Jesus would show up and do something new.

Financial update.  With the increase of ministry work, I am looking to decrease the hours for the teaching job.  Still wanting to contribute to support myself, but needing to free up time so that we can continue moving forward with our vision – to see new churches growing among unreached people groups and more workers being trained to serve cross-culturally.  I need another few hundred dollars a month to cover what is needed.  Would you consider joining the team at either $25 or $35 a month?   Just click here to get started.  Thank you!

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Sarah Bedi

Enjoying the journey unfold as God leads. Currently living in Stockholm enjoying rubbing shoulders with the nations. Learning more about God's heart and compassion.

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