Step by step

IMG_2584Relationships continue to deepen.  Please pray for opportunities to continue to the conversation and share truth and grace.  Nebahat (Turkish friend) and Amany (Iraqi friend) and I are enjoying meeting for weekend breakfasts and conversation.

Ummahany has become a new friend and I am trying to talk with and/or visit each week.  Her 6 year old daughter Shanika is battling cancer.  Please pray for them.
IMG_2858 2

Every fall, I attend the European Leadership Summit.  The vision to see nationals established and equipped to make a difference in their home countries continues to grow.  It is amazing to be surrounded by these men and women as well as needing to have Russian translation for half the people in the room!  

bstWe took some time to see Kiev, explore it’s history, and hear current reports for those that have lived through these years of war.  Please continue to pray for the church there to impact society with hope.




I always love having teams.  I appreciate those  that willingly step outside their comfort zone and engage the work here.  For the ways they care for my neighbors and open their heart to hear for God.  This past team from my home church in SC went an extra step.  When I came home from the teaching job, the couple found Ikea and repaired house projects that have just been left for a rainy day.  WHAT A GIFT!!!

Please continue to pray for a breakthrough this fall with following up relationships and making new ones. Thankful to see the community that God has shaped here.

On the home front…Pray for Janelle to work out the final paperwork to stay for this next year.  Pray for Selina, a Swiss exchange student living with us until February.  Pray for Maud, another student who will move in this next month.  Thankful for the space God has given for others to live life together.

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  1. So good to hear what is happening and how you are connecting and being led. Praying with you as you seek to share. Bless you!! Asking for clarity, openness, grace to surround you and others in this.


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