Corona, Celebrations, & Coming Home!

It is a common question to me about how is Sweden handling corona and what it looks like for us here. In Sweden, they provide recommendations not restrictions and trust us to be responsible. My school has never closed, so my day to day has been unchanged. The time has allowed for deepening of friendships with local friends as we have continued to meet in small groups weekly. As long as everyone is symptom free, we have continued to host language cafe, book club and dinners. We always weigh the recommendations and try to make wise decisions. To most of our refugee friends, we are extended family and are thankful to have been able to still gather.

Although it was kept a secret until hours before, I had the privilege to be with my friend Marsi when she accepted a marriage proposal. To be with the family for this event that took place through video, was an incredible gift. The families chatted together for some time before Marsi appeared on the screen. Of course everything was in Farsi, so I had no idea what was said, but you could definitely feel what was happening!
I had taken a job at a local school to help pay for back taxes as well as transition when I moved to Stockholm. Thankfully, all taxes are paid up to date and the money for 2020 is available! Having a local job has increased trust and opportunity for which I am very grateful. I will leave this job in December as ministry has increased and I have been stretched too thin trying to juggle both. Starting in January, I am excited to take a step towards full time ministry work again to provide the energy and time for the growing work. There is of course the thought to take part time work at a school in the neighborhood which would also allow for more local connection.

Corona allowing, I am still planning on spending time in the states following Christmas through March. It will be such a gift to get to spend extended time with family and friends. I will send out a calendar of where I will be when in case it would work to get to meet with you…corona allowing of course. Otherwise, video coffee dates will have do!

Ways to pray: – Monday night language cafe – pray for hearts to continue to grow in curiosity and for opportunities to invite people to consider Jesus. – Janelle, an American that has lived her for the past year, will return to the states next month. Please pray she is able to finish well and transition. – That corona will not prevent travel. – Pray for provision in the financial need of monthly support for the account I am responsible for. I am looking to raise another $500 a month. Click here if you want to help answer that prayer! – To finish well at the local school with students and coworkers.

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Sarah Bedi

Enjoying the journey unfold as God leads. Currently living in Stockholm enjoying rubbing shoulders with the nations. Learning more about God's heart and compassion.

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