Merry Christmas!!!

Like many of you, these weeks look different than normal. Less people to see, less get together, less connection. Yet in the midst of it all, we continue to do what we can and see some of the gifts that would have otherwise not been. This past month, I got to engage each family unit separately which allowed for deepening of friendship. This year, each household received a Christmas packet containing candles, Swedish Christmas tea as well as a Bible. Please pray for these five households to read Jesus’ story and experience His love this season.
I am back in the USA as I write this. Yesterday, I spent the day traveling through empty airports and enjoyed an entire row to myself on the flight. Thankful for everything being done to provide distancing and safety.

Because of the Covid realities, I will not be able to do the extensive road trip I had hoped. There is still a thought of potential travel, but it looks like I will have to take advantage to technology. Of course, I still would love to share a meal or a coffee with each other…even if through a screen. I will take the next week to quarantine at my uncle’s house in New Jersey and then celebrate Christmas with my mom and brother’s family in January .

Praise the Lord for continued generosity of all of you! This past month, I have had an additional $150 in monthly giving start and $600 in special gifts! Thank you for continuing to make this work possible! If you know anyone wanting to invest in this refugee ministry, please put us in touch!

May your holiday week be full of joy as the Lord increases your hope, strength and vision for what will be. Praying for health and love to surround you! Merry Christmas! Talk soon!

Blessings, Sarah

Published by

Sarah Bedi

Enjoying the journey unfold as God leads. Currently living in Stockholm enjoying rubbing shoulders with the nations. Learning more about God's heart and compassion.

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