Settling In

Here is a snapshot of downtown Luleå. I live about two blocks from the church steeple. The downtown area is in the shape of a boot surrounded by water. Every direction you walk in opens up paths to enjoy walks in the park by water. It is a really beautiful city. The people here love being active and take full advantage of long summer days!  I have been very blessed by the churches that have provided furniture, a four month bus card, a bike and very warm greetings. Praise God for the details He takes care of!

I have registered for my personal number, similar to a social security number, which will enable me to sign up for Swedish classes, a bank account, etc. I hope to start SFI, Swedish for Immigrants, by the end of this month. It will be a great way to learn the language, the culture and meet other immigrants who may be far from God! In the meantime, I am working on swedish with computer programs and appreciating those that will only now talk to me in Swedish!

During the week, I have gotten to see three fellowship groups start meeting with others to live life and learn more about Jesus and what it means to have a growing relationship with Him. I am meeting with a range of people from college students to internationals.

I am also working on the remaining details for a 10 day camp at the end of the is month directed towards college students and young professionals. LINC, Laborers Impacting the Nations for Christ, will have a theme this year of “Come, Follow Me” deepening our personal relationships and being further equipped as disciples. Church is the outflow of our personal journey with Him.

Here are some ways to join me in prayer:

– I will receive my personal number and be able to register for classes this month

– For LINC, the preparations and the students that will commit to these 10 days. That God would be preparing their hearts for an experience of a life-time.

– That God would bless the church families that have blessed me abundantly

– As I am out prayer walking, that I would meet people of peace, those spiritually open to learn more about Jesus

– For new financial support. As this ministry functions on the generosity of others, there is the need for monthly donations to secure the longevity of my work. Please pray that God would raise up more that are able and willing to contribute!  And if you are one of them then PRAISE God for a speedy response! You can click here to get started today!

I am very excited to be on the ground and living out the vision He had put in my heart years ago!  Appreciating how you continue to journey with me!  Blessings to you and your family!

Published by

Sarah Bedi

Enjoying the journey unfold as God leads. Currently living in Stockholm enjoying rubbing shoulders with the nations. Learning more about God's heart and compassion.

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