Malin’s Testimony & Request

Malin was a student we started to pray for in January. At the end of February she made a decision believing who Jesus says He is and began a personal relationship with Him. It has been a gift to get to know her and live life together. Here is a snap shot from her that you may be encouraged to keep praying for her and others! This summer she will work in a city in Norway, as she has for many years. Please pray for her!
These past couple of months as a new christian have been both a joy and a struggle, as life always is. The struggle is about changing the way I see the world, for example, other religions and beliefs that are different from mine. It’s a struggle to change habits of all sorts, like the need to control my life. It’s also a struggle to stop judging people.
The joy is being able to put my life in the hands of God, the one thing I can always count on. It’s making me feel relaxed about life and helping me not having to control everything.
My specific prayers would be about strengthening my faith. Being able to live in the world but not of the world.

I would love to hear what you are thinking! Feel free to share!

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