Catching up

Signs of Fall are here: waking up to 8° (47° F), leaves starting to turn, students returning, and of course the mass communication to schedule what needs to be on the calendar has all begun! Thankful to have a year of learning under my belt and humbled enough that my learning has just begun!!!

This has been the best summer with God.

We left off a few months ago with prayer for the community of believers over the summer. It has been exciting to touch base and catch up and hear what God has been up to. I am encouraged that there is an excitement about continuing to get to know God and serve Him in Luleå together. Rather than offering more instruction, as we focus on reading the Bible and seeing what Jesus wants to teach us, the Spirit naturally encourages our heart to want to obey and learn how.

I read about tithing in my bible plan today. I am thinking about what would be a good way to give money. What do you do?


One of my mentors posted this the other day and it certainly illustrates the prayer I had this summer…

May we make choices to stay plugged into the source of LIFE!!!!

I appreciate your faithfulness in praying and supporting us. It is a privilege to be here and join with what God is doing! Talk to you soon!!!

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Sarah Bedi

Enjoying the journey unfold as God leads. Currently living in Stockholm enjoying rubbing shoulders with the nations. Learning more about God's heart and compassion.

One thought on “Catching up”

  1. Yay for fall and changing leaves…not so much the 8 degrees part. All the possibilities are exciting as the city fills back up with people. I’ve asked God to help me remember to pray for all these people you share a city with. I like the picture you posted…that makes a lot of sense. What a lot of people describe as boring Christianity isn’t Christianity at all. May the Lord strengthen and enliven you Sarah!


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